Good Samaritans

I got quite a shock by someone I met a while ago. I was casually waiting at the train station when a girl in trackies asked me for a dollar. My reaction might have been more rational than ethical. I'm all for helping out our fellow human beings - but too many alarm bells rang. What on earth can you get for a dollar? A loaf of bread? A chocolate bar? Besides, wouldn't she have a bit of money if she was catching a train, unless she was illegally travelling without a ticket? Universal suspicion was reinforced with the assumption that we can't actually do that much to help. Maybe we can. Who knows. I didn't see anything too dramatically wrong with politely saying no and wandering off. That's all I did - a quiet 'no.' But her reaction actually confirmed my suspicions and fears.

After my quiet 'no' as I wandered off, the girl abruptly yelled obscenities at me that do not need to be repeated here. She didn't just swear. I felt quite threatened by her disgusting remark. She added a warning that I had better not come back to her side of the platform or else. This was a startling experience. I then felt that instinctive gravitation to hover near the guards. This girl had got away with frightening me when she was out of the view of authorities. Who knew what could have happened? 

Do two wrongs make a right? This was unbelivable behaviour regardless of my lack of assistance. What happened to peaceful understanding? I don't know where she is from or what her story is. Nobody there knew the reason for her aggressive behaviour towards a complete stranger. I partly pittied her because that attitude will one day get her into trouble. But at the end of the day, we are all only responsible for our own actions.


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  2. Jon,

    It is nice to hear from you. I hope you are well.



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