Trains suffer from heat exhaustion too...

Sydney today saw trains slow down to chug-along ever so slowly due to another extreme heat wave. Us workers might have been safe in our air-conditioned cocoon offices. But meanwhile, according to the trusted Cityrail updates, basic wiring in a train wasn't protected from the heat like we were.

I was silly enough to hop on the daily commute with the same Apple products the rest of the world is using. Result: we can't all use the 3G and expect it to be fast. It actually slows down quite a lot. What a torturous dilemma during an endless travel. Lesson: bring this old fashioned thing called a book. It has this funny stuff called 'paper' which apparently comes from trees. Rumour has it that past generations were mad about these things. It might be sort of handy when the internet slows down on an extra-long train ride.

Now back to the trains themselves. Google trips before you go. Download the Transport Info app. Check the Cityrail site because that good old track work changes our paths of direction every week or two. As we frantically air condition our computers to keep them from over-heating, and we're getting extra-hydrated to keep our own bodies from running out of biological battery power (aka energy), remember the trains actually struggle in the heat too. Don't worry. You never know when we can wave goodbye to the heat wave.


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