The weather isn't small talk. It's fires & floods.

Those of us in the general greater Sydney area (and the coast where I was the past week) have been really spoiled for weather. I now feel slightly guilty about the weather because others have it worse off. I thank God for the enjoyable sunshine and cool drizzle of the last while. And yet, like everyone else, the news of weather elsewhere just stunned me.

Scenery a couple of days ago was absolutely lovely. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping as our beautiful streets were perfect for a scenic stroll anywhere in NSW. Part of me wanted the air to be as warm as possible. But mostly I was just thankful for what we had. Thankful for such ordinary summer days.

Why? Victoria was suffering from destructive bush fires that alarmed the nation. Even the prime minister visited to see what was going on. How could I possibly want a repeat of the recent heat wave, when crises like these could result? I am grateful to have had a good time in good weather, but I feel peeved at the universe for not giving everyone else the same lovely weather. My sympathy goes out to anyone who experienced these fires. It's something nobody should have to struggle against.

Then NSW got some pretty heavy rain. Once again it was important to stay thankful for what we have, and sympathetic for those in other conditions. The slightly chilly 'showers' and grey skies are definitely nothing to complain about. Life has gone on as normal despite all this.

Meanwhile, I feel so sorry for everyone in QLD who has real weather problems. Once again mother nature has served to our sunshine state a flood I could not even imagine. Recent TV updates mentioned hidden cars, broken ATMs, removed rooves, blackouts, and fatalities. My initial reaction was: what if that was me or my neighbourhood? What if family knows someone who knows someone who is in a flood? Hopefully the government will do everything possible to help.

It was difficult to believe that such climate contrasts exist. Not in the one country. Not all at once. Surely this shows global warming is kicking in. Strongly. Now all we can do is hope the world recovers.


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