Why I Love Adele

Why I Love Adele

Adele has ruled the music world for some time now. She touched our hearts with her lyrical compositions and emotive voice. She fought stereotypes by being true to herself. As a fan of almost a year, it is time for the top 10 reasons why I can’t get enough of Adele.

1.       The name: Just say “Adele” and everyone knows who the name is about. No surnames needed. There is only one Adele.

2.       Curves: Adele stood up for herself when getting insulted by Karl Lagerfeld for her size. What a perfect advocate for women be themselves. 

3.      Real talent: Her live shows are real and acoustic. This solo singer sounds real as its clear her stage appears to be a lip-syncing-free-zone. 

4.       Sincere songs: There’s no way this songstress’ words are manufactured. A personal story is often incorporated into the intros for live songs.

5.       Balance: Adele can have her cake and eat it too (metaphorically). Why just have mega-famous careers when you can expect a child at the same time? Nothing is better than a family friendly down to earth role model.

6.       Informing fans: Some stars remember their fans give them a much needed audience. It was clear Adele values dialogue with her fans when she posts news on her official site.  

7.       Loud mouth: This young celeb is happy to use colourful language in recorded and published quotes, in a respectful context. Whether it is to vent or to be an individual, she definitely gets away with it. An entire crowd at the Royal Albert Hall were happy for her frank vocabulary.  

8.       Universality: How many singers manage to use their own realities to completely capture the feelings we have about our own realities?  Lyrics from the album 21 were as true for millions of people as they were for her.

9.       Realistic expectations: Real people might need to hydrate when belting out tunes for hours on end. This glamorous girl looks after herself amongst the hard work by sometimes keeping a bottle of water on stage. There’s nothing unprofessional about staying well enough to serve others. 

10.   Chic style: Those embellished black dresses are flatteringly gorgeous. Absolutely fabulous.  



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