Style Evolution

Development of a clothing style is a rewarding part of growing up. Maybe trends of different decades change wardrobe ways. Or perhaps personal preference is moulded by nature and nurture. Either way, wardrobe changes are awesome manifestations of who we are. Don’t worry if your current image isn’t as imagined. It’s all phases along a path to something different.


My clothing choices at 18 were humorous. A black blazer of mine looked more like a business man's office attire than a young girl's choice. Awkward attempts to hide my (food-addict) size included gigantic skirts that could have been used as tents. Little did I know that this Oprah-like yo-yo-diet would die down?


Come crash-diet time, and simple sleeved tops felt like a luxurious benefit to Mel’s new look. It took me a few months to quit hiding behind gigantic layers of clothing. But once that happened, 19-year-old Mel couldn’t get enough of scoop-necked extra-thin jumpers and jeans. Let’s call it the Meredith Grey look. What felt comfy at the time now feels incomplete to me – cute, but not creative.

Then 2010 and 2011 saw a major styling & accessorising revamp. A new Mel needed a dramatically new style. What better way to symbolise a new life than a reincarnated clothing collection? Don’t worry – it’s amazing what wonders one can find at chain stores with spare change. This new Mel felt confident to step out of the world of maxi-skirts and flash some leg. And any truly confident soul will feel beautiful regardless of how much an outfit is or how basic the store was. Cue cute miniskirts from a new favourite called Cotton On and A-lined mini dresses from Valleygirl. Staple sunnies were a must. Shoes suddenly featured this thing called a ‘heel.’ The ultimate individualistic image: A tie-dye patchwork hippie peace jumper from the Easter Show. Cue: new & improved Mel.  

Whatever your fashion phase, remember any current clothes are part of a journey. You may have found the perfect pieces already. Or maybe that destination is right around the corner. Either way, happy hunting in the style search!




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