DIY Nails

DIY nail art is better than ever. Pretty nails can add individualism and creativity to our style no matter what we wear. Social or official dress codes can limit what clothing we wear, but people typically don't mind what nail polish is painted onto our digits. It's just noticeable enough to say, "This is me."

One new style to emerge has became known as "shatter" or "crackle. This nail polish is painted over a contrasting colour for visibility. Paint gradually separates as it dries, appearing like a crack in the sidewalk. The resulting pattern looks edgy in the right colours. A red shatter over a black background can look gothic or vampiric. But silver over black just looks modern. These nails are a must for look-at-me style.

DIY nails are just as pretty after a slick of a wild new shade from almost any store. Even supermarkets upped the trend-factor. No longer is the choice a simple beige or pale pink. Customise or match an outfit with these sweet shades. Favourites lately include watermelon, lime green, and electric blue. Remember to stock up on nail polish remover for quick switches to new tones, enjoy these lovely looks!

For the wild at heart, black is the new black. A noir black is not just for goths and emos. Match a nail colour with a Little Black Dress or juxtapose with a white outfit for the visual power of contrasting. Don't be surprised if people ask where your eye-catching nails were done!

Or maybe classic is the new classic. It's great to go back to basic with a versatile signature style. Ruby red and pretty pink are the LBD of the nail art world; versatile and perfect for any occasion, whilst still making a statement. There is nothing wrong with getting back to basics.

Whatever your style, have fun and stand out. Experiment. Break the norm of nails. Happy painting!


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