Hanson is back!

Those of us who grew up in the nineties will remember Hanson and their happily catchy jibberish song called Mmmbop. We hummed along to a song we didn't really know the words to, enjoying every second. Those baby faced boys were absolutely adorable in music videos. Slightly high harmonised related voices meshed together for that perfect tune, by 12-17 year old brothers. Rumor has it Zac became the youngest Grammy winner. Mel on Sunrise said 1 in 10 Aussies owned Mmmbop. By any measure, these talented kids were truly successful.

This year, they celebrate 20 years making music. A 3 teenage brothers that burst into the commercial pop world have now matured into independent creative adults aged 26-31. All 3 brothers are married with children, balancing their careers with family. In fact, Taylor Hanson is expecting his 5th child.  They are doing all this as they tour Australia. Nothing is more admirable than a down to earth dedicated hard-working band.

Image from 3 Dollar CDs


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