Judith Durham inspires Baby Boomers

Judith Durham inspires Baby Boomers to keep doing their crafts for as long as it is beneficial. Judith recently spoke to the ABC about working during the golden years. Judith's messages can be universalised for anyone who steps out into public life.

Even the iconic Judith Durham wondered whether she could keep working, especially after health problems such as the brain haemorrhage. "You feel like life must surely be coming to an end... I never dreamed that I would still be able to do it."

It's all about ignoring that voice of doubt which everyone hears at times. Try persevering regardless. Judith says, "You've got to take a chance... You can't assume it's not going to be very good... I'll just take one step and who knows what might happen." Judith takes a leap of faith when she walks onto the stage. Everyone can learn from the way she overcomes risks.

Judith doesn't put pressure on herself to be everything. Everyone wonders what will happen when they make public appearances. Everyone wonders if they have what is needed. Just try it anyway. Judith told the ABC, "I've got a voice. So that's all I needed".

Friends and communities are important encouragement when taking these risks. Judith said in the interview, "Just be open, and let other people find out with you, whether or not you can do it". Audiences are supportive.

Thank you Judith for inspiring Baby Boomers, anyone on a stage, and anyone who takes a leap of faith.

Source: ABC News


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