Rotarian Doctors Serve the Disadvantaged


The International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctors are using their skills to change lives of the disadvantaged. These doctors discussed charitable causes at their booth for the 2014 Rotary International Convention in Sydney.  

The Fellowship of Doctors implements specific projects such as maternal mortality reduction and assisting with the eradication of Polio in India.   

Maternal mortality is an important issue to these Rotarians. A Slideshare page from Rotary International says, 'three pregnant women and twenty babies die every minute.' The site says; solutions by these doctors include training professionals, social mobilisation, family planning, and health frameworks.   

Polio was conquered in India thanks to Rotary International's India National Polio Plus Committee. Rotary worked with internal partners such as the Fellowship, and external partners such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Medical volunteering is a way to serve developing countries first-hand. The fellowship are always looking for new Rotarians to help them. To join the fellowship, first a membership in a Rotary club has to be established. Rotary clubs exist in over 200 countries.   


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