Seize the Day

Carpe diem. Seize the day. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Any day could be our last.

Especially when something like this comes crashing down:

Before you think I'm a tree hugger, I should probably explain. I was standing right next to this tree on a weekend morning, when it came crashing down. I was reading the latest news when a ripping sound grew. It sounded like crunching into raw veggies. I didn't think twice of this initial cardboard sound. Until it became alarmingly loud. 

I looked up to see the oldest, most established, tree in the street splitting into two. This timber landed right into the middle of the road. Right next to me.

A frozen shock ran through me. This tree had two options as it died of old age and broke. It could either fall onto me, or onto the road. Nothing in this world lasts forever. But I thank God that it didn't take me down with it.  

Something could happen to us every day. Nobody is immune to the mortality of this world. I am completely fine. But loved ones close to me face more uncertainty during serious illness.  

This tree is a reminder. Live every day like a tree could randomly fall and crush you. Ok, that's a morbid way to put it. Live life to the full. You never know how much of it is left. Treasure the present. It is a gift.  

Carpe diem.  


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