Seekers Awarded by Order of Australia

The Seekers were recognised by the Order of Australia for the Queen's Birthday honour list. Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Bruce Woodley, and Keith Potger recently completed their 50th Anniversary tour in the UK.

All four original band members deserve the prestigious title of Officers of the Order of Australia (AO). This title surpasses the Medal of the Order of Australia OAM, which Judith received some years ago.  Judith Durham spoke to the ABC about the honour. 

Judith Durham is extremely blessed to make public appearances and sing. Judith suffered from a haemorrhage in 2013. Judith celebrated her 70th birthday in Epworth Hospital, as reported by 3AW Radio. 

AAP quotes Athol Guy on Judith's miraculous touring, "Every step along the way seems to be almost pre-ordained. There almost seems to be a signpost saying `go in this direction, otherwise look out." 

The Seekers blessed Australian fans with a tour in 2013. Judith Durham was lucky to be amongst us, creating new memories with another new generation of fans. Graham Simpson kindly provided Melanie Suzanne Wilson with tickets to their 2013 concert after she won the Facebook competition. 

Graham Simpson is a significant manager for The Seekers. Graham wrote Judith's biography, and identified initial medical problems when Judith first showed signs of a haemorrhage. Graham potentially saved the life of legendary singer Judith Durham. 

The best thing Judith could do was continue her craft. Guy told media such as AAP, "She just said to me, when she started to feel well enough and got the medical clearance, `well this is what we do, isn't it?," he said. 

The Seekers were the first Australian pop group to find mass fame in the US. The Seekers worked with iconic songwriters such a Tom Springfield and Paul Simon. Their sound is truly unique. Their most famous single, "I'll Never Find Another You," topped the British charts and made fourth place in the US. The band enjoyed many chart-topping records both in the sixties and during their reunions. 


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