MHB (Mental Health Break)

Photo: Mel before a cup-a-coffee... 

The Mental Health Break is real. It's officially a needed remedy. Doctors sometimes prescribe it. Even fancy CEOs recommend it. The Mental Health Organisation in Australia's Act recommends we give it a go.  

Work now follows us wherever we go. Blackboards used to be on a wall in a classroom. Now they're on a tablet or phone, in our carry bags. Work used to be the thing you did at a desk. But emails are omnipresent. All that is extremely useful. And I will take my future work as seriously as anyone else. But we can only assist others (work, friends etc) by looking after ourselves.

I got pretty busy after my previous temp work. Then doing a couple of months as a professional student, my life's mission was to prove I wasn't getting lazy. So I'd constantly keep busy. My idea of 'leisure' involved either researching a uni topic or preparing a speech. Both are great. But there needs to be an 'off button' as I call it. 

Sleep is an important form of MHB. Too much sleep deprivation (because of course sleep is for the weak) guarantees a sleepy brain. It's ineffective. Scientific American magazine says concentration drops as the brain makes too many 'connections.' It's although like the brain is hyperactive. That doesn't sound sustainable.

Workaholism also prevents happiness. The Beyond Blue web site says, "reduce and manage stress... allocate time to do the things you enjoy..." It feels a bit obvious. Stuff you like makes you happy. But it's easy to forget.

What does an MHB involve? It's whatever keeps you chilled. Everyone, religious or not, should take a Sabbath. It's simply a day of rest. 24/7 work isn't healthy. Days off are crucial. It's why the weekend was invented.

MHBs look different for everyone. My MHBs have been varied lately. Lots of piano, reading blogs, shopping, and avoiding cooking at all costs. But cooking is a popular hobby these days thanks to the TV  shows. The point is to do whatever you're into. With balance. Let's call it a formula: work, play, and rest. Happy MHBs!


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