I'll Never Find Another You - Through the Ages

Image: Rate Your Music

It's a month before The Seekers are visiting Sydney. In their honour, here are some versions of my favourite Seekers song: I'll Never Find Another You.

The official video shows the recording process.

Sadly, the it was sung for a farewell in the 60s.

But it's ok. Because The Seekers returned in the 90s. Cue live performances of I'll Never Find Another You.

Then people did some really great covers of the song. My hero Zooey Deschanel has mature taste in music. She performed a folksy cover of the classic.

The Seekers toured throughout the 90s and early noughties. They never did find another you, they told us loyal fans. Andre Rieu wanted them to sing it for an encore.

It's now been 50 years of The Seekers. 50 years of my favourite song, I'll Never Find Another You. That's loyalty. Thanks Judith, Athol, Keith & Bruce.


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