What Mel Wants gets a revamp

The blog What Mel Wants has now transformed into a sleek new look. The original blog was set up for a very different purpose. A new style was needed to reflect the minimalist professional digital trends of 2015.

What Mel Wants was first created during a holiday with family at Lake Macquarie. I was bored. So I made a web site. That's what I do when I'm bored. I create things.

Personal articles flowed through on everything in everyday life. If Seinfeld was the show about nothing, then this was the blog about 'nothing.' It was fun, leisurely, and deeply personal.

Colours at the time reflected my more casual girly approach to life. Everything was emotive and suburban. A peachy pinky orange suited that purpose.

But this blog needs to live on amongst my growing professional online work. What Mel Wants is still a strong vehicle to carry my own personal anecdotes.

It complements neatly alongside two other web sites. Each has its own identity and audience. Neither is better or worse than the other. All three sites feel equally meaningful.

Melaniesuzannewilson.com was set up as the main page to showcase everything professional about me. It is like one big portfolio. The Melanie Suzanne Wilson web site is the first place to go for anyone who wants to learn more about me.

Meanwhile, the whatmelknows.com web site is a new blog specialising in sharing digital communications knowledge. It helps me to share the online techniques I have learned over the past few years. What Mel Knows is the place for anyone know wants to better understand the new evolving world of web sites and social media.

What Mel Wants still lives, after being born in 2012, because it is still the best place for me to get personal and real. Melaniesuzannewilson.com is an online portfolio. Whatmelknows.com is an educational resource. Whatmelwants.com is the personal space.

I would never write about anything which is confidential or publicly fragile. This is simply focused on normal everyday things. I'm also not necessarily a lifestyle blog, in the sense that I'm not spurting out opinions on how people should live their lives. It's more like a behind the scenes of how I life my life.

Topics are anything that interests me and doesn't make other people feel uncomfortable. It's currently the only space where I have written about topics such as my family's health, my obsession with putting everything into martini glasses, and fascinating places where I ate. Hopefully readers will continue to find the blog to be relatable and real, amongst a world of filtered images.

Amongst all this continued lifestyle fun, the blog needed a more sophisticated look. Black is simple and makes everything stand out. It's mature, elegant. It's the Little Black Dress of web site themes, whereas the previous colour was like the denim jeans of web site themes. After all, black goes with everything.



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