Review: The Grounds Alexandria

Sydney allows residents to be tourists in their own city. The Grounds, in Alexandria, is one of those gems which locals should hold as a treasure. It's a break from the high-density shopping and cookie-cutter cloned stores. It's unique.

The Grounds is a small village of cafes, shops, and markets. It's like a normal shopping centre but with a twist. Although corridors are crowded on the weekends, there is a settled quiet buzz during the week days. Vibrant flowers fill barrels and boxes all along the foot paths. It's like an old fashioned town. 


The Potting Shed is open early in the afternoon, across from the petting zoo. Although there are food options, a simple glass of wine does wonders on a hot Summer's day. The staff are attentive. Everything is themed. The bill is clipped to a gardening shovel at the end. Things are simple and casual. Although customers pay for the theme. It's worth the relaxation and fresh air.


There are definitely pros and cons to every hangout. The Grounds gets the tick of approval for week days, even if it's a bit crowded on the weekends. It's casual but classy, different but simple. Perfect.


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