Hipster Breakfasts - Are they all they cracked up to be?

Hipster breakfasts need to be selected carefully. It's worth checking if any hipster food is really the value being paid for. Yes, that's true for all foods. But there's an implied extraordinary value in these allegedly healthier foods.

I tried a hipster muesli during a recent holiday. Sure, it was presumably healthy. But it wasn't extraordinary. The container was tiny. It was just a scoop of yoghurt, with a sprinkle of crumbs on top. And it definitely didn't break the fast.

I ended up hungry afterwards, craving something solid like a muffin. Bigger portions are fine if they are light and nutritious. In hindsight, this muesli yoghurt could have been on the side of a big fruit salad. Or after some eggs and tomato on toast (my favourite). But it's not a meal on its own.

The moral of the story is to be careful when trying hipster foods. They might look trendy and rustic. But they are not everything. 

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