Eat from a shovel at The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed, in Alexandria, is home to truly casual outdoor garden dishes. Brands are always shaped by their identities and offered experiences.

Main dishes at the Potting Shed definitely tick the box of differentiation. 

It's a twist on the normal pub format. Burger: check. Chips: check. Barbecue sauce: check. Shovel: hang on. 

That's right. Plates, are like, so last year. It's a step further on the hipster trend. 

It all started elsewhere with jars. Why just have raw food, when you can have raw glassware... Now it's possible to really feel how the food originated. 

Whatever the purpose, it works. The shovel adds the an overall theme in a restaurant that actually runs in a shed. 

Just beware the shovel wobbles a bit... 

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