Breakfast in a Martini Glass

Breakfast in a Martini Glass

Everything tastes better in a martini glass. Everyday foods feel extra glam in these balanced holders. 

It's about more than the James Bond effect. Martini glasses show off the shiny sides of any treats. 

It's easy to go beyond the normal clear classic glasses. Colourful glasses look extra showy. 

Presentation is everything. Why wait until the next trip to the bar! There's no time like the present to feel that extra bit more sophisticated.  

Yoghurt and Berries in a Martini Glass

Layered yoghurt and strawberries go perfectly in martini glasses. There are very important reasons for this. 

Firstly, it's easy to see all the layered foods all at once. So all the foods can be displayed in all their yumminess. 

Secondly, it's served as chilled as any beverage. Taller glasses prevent people from warm tight grips like on normal glasses or bowls. 

It's easy to just hold the neck of the glass instead, allowing the food to stay more chilled. 

Finally, martini glasses are just the right size for portion control. It fits just enough for a normal serving of yoghurt, with a pile of strawberries on top. That's right. Martini glasses are diet-friendly. It's a lot smaller than those big bowls that are made these days.  

Whoever invented the martini glass is a genius. Anyone, who puts new things in martini glasses, proves to be truly innovative. Think outside the box. Innovate. Try it.


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