Kidult's Guide To Yummy Sundaes

We all have those moments when we just really want dessert. It could be actually dessert time, or just time for comfort food. Perhaps it's a midnight snack after a long day of meetings. Or perhaps you are having friends over and want to look impressive.

Presentation is the key to fun food. My favourite marketing experiment is the one with pudding. It was a taste test with two groups. The first group got plain white vanilla pudding. The second group received vanilla pudding with brown food colouring mixed in. The second group were convinced their pudding was chocolate, even though it was the same food. That's the affect of presentation.

With that in mind, my desserts are suddenly a little bit prettier. Because YOLO. First, get a small glass - the sort you would normally use for table water. The smaller the glass, the better the diet-friendly portion control. Squeeze some chocolate sauce around the edges of the glass. Plop a scoop of ice cream in. Chop up a strawberry, and throw it into the top of the glass or on the side. Easy!

This was just a bit of saucy chocolate, normal ice cream, and one strawberry. It sounds ordinary enough for any kidult. But check out the end result. It looks pretty!


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