Day in the Life

We share quite a bit on Facebook these days. I tend to keep people in the loop about the bigger newsworthy things in my week. Surely some readers would wonder what I'm doing the rest of the time, when my life isn't lived on social media.

Celebrities often write 'normal day in the life of....' articles. I am no celebrity by any means. But each one of us has a public image to represent. I enjoy sharing bits of life with friends who take interest.

With that in mind, here is a normal 'day in the life' of Melanie:

6:30am: Make breakfast. Normally pan fried tomato, mushrooms, and eggs on an English muffin or bread roll. No oil in the teflon pan. This takes a lot of discipline early in the morning, but keeps me going. It's the most important meal of the day!
7am: Get ready. Checklist: Shift dress, big necklace, flat shoes, Macbook, iPhone. Done.
7:30am: Catch the bus. Flick through social media, emails, and news headlines on 10 minute bus.
8am: Get longer trip on a bus/train. During trip: Any graphics/articles/speeches to create - check volunteering and freelance stuff.  Check deadlines for creative stuff.
9-5: Normal office things as office people do.
5-5:30pm: Respond to messages. Update calendar events for following day/week/month.
5:30-6pm: On bus, finalise any creative things which were started in the morning. Don't leave for tomorrow which could be done today (ideal, hopefully reality).
6:30-10pm: Out at a voluntary gathering with friends and fellow volunteers. Changes daily. Love it.  
10pm to 11pm or to 12am: Maintain apartment, relax. Read a book for an hour. Yes, workaholics have down time too, for a few minutes!

Normally study is done on the weekend. Or maybe during the midnight reading time. No rest for the wicked...

I don't know what everyone else's day is like. Who knows what's normal? But this sort of day is what makes me happy. I don't stay on the couch for very long. Holidays always used to make me fidgety because there is not enough to do. Suppose that's just how I am wired.


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