Just Say Something

Just say something. If you consider yourself to be creative, then this message is for you. Just create something. What's creativity without a creation?

My 'Drafts' box is starting to fill up in my blog site. Bundles upon bundles of blog posts are waiting to be read. Sitting there, waiting. What are they waiting for? My approval. I'm the only one who can release these blog posts into the world. I have drifted into a habit of self censorship again. It is time for change.

Creativity should not crave perfectionism. As a speaker, I was taught there is no such thing as perfection. Yet that is what I waited for in my communications works.

I recently created another edition of a newsletter. It sat in my 'Documents' folder. It waited to become that magical ideal issue. Who are we kidding? There is always something to change in artistic messages. It is still worth sharing.

Eventually, it is time to let your creation out of the cocoon and let it soar. With that in mind, it is time for me to get on with publishing some more posts.

Catch you later, dearest readers.


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