Delegation is a dirty word

Delegation is the buzz word of the management world. Empower teams to create projects. Of course others should be included, both emotionally and practically. But sometimes delegation is used to avoid responsibility. I am speaking from personal experiences.  

This is the first stage in my life where there are teams to help products I believe in. These could be services, events, and so on. I wrongly took those teams for granted. Leaders need to do the little nitty gritty tasks. The enlightened reason is to inspire others to do the little things. Another reason is just to get stuff done.

I personally love all the little tasks which build up in my day. They are things to do. And my general motto is that some people knit, but I communicate. Then all the required communication builds up to an overwhelming capacity. I whinge, figuring surely someone else could do all this. It shifts the responsibility.

But I am normally in those positions because I know how to do these particular skills. So I may as well do it. It's like managers who gain those roles, not because they are experts, in management, but because they understood the main product or task really well. But then they aren't being the great creators they are, since too much time is allocated to supervising. That's what I turn into in some teams.

There is a time and a place for delegation. Large scale projects need it by all means. But I should not turn into the skilled creative who is too busy supervising, and supposedly doesn't have time for skilled creative work. It's time to get back to what I am good at. I get stuff done. That's not a bragging point. It's a humble hard working reality. We all need to keep just getting stuff done. Get around to the delegation later.


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