Living on the Edge of Glory

We are living in uncertain times. Several beloved friends are becoming unwell. Projects are taking extraordinary effort and resources to grow. Gen Y are mostly on the edge of their seats, living a life best represented in the show Girls. Twenties are terrifying. People from all generations are on the edge of life. This blog post is about nothing and everything all at once (sorry to sound like Seinfeld there). Everywhere I turn, people are startled by the state of the world.  

What does this mean? Where do we go from here? (Say it once more with feeling, now I’m quoting Buffy). I have felt the need to blog about the general uncertainty for some time. I am seeing friends in all circles who look like they just need a hug. The best I can do is write for you instead.  

I have done very little research into how to be comforting. And I won’t get out my friendship algorithm (joking, but thanks Sheldon Cooper). One can take total comfort from the cheesiest of pop stars instead; because the world is too serious for anything besides silly music.  
Lady Gaga lost her grandfather. In such an uncontrollable moment, Stefani Germanotta could do nothing besides write a song about it. It was called Edge of Glory. In the most helpless of moments, sometimes all you can do is write about the edge of life. “It’s hard to feel the rush, to brush the dangerous… Out on the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment with you.” Keep hanging on a moment. Be in the present. It is a gift. See the glory of those moments on the edge of life.

Rhianna encourages us to see the positivity and beauty in the world. “Shine bright like a diamond. Find light in the beautiful sea. I choose to be happy.” Happiness was a choice for Rhianna, not a default nature. The world requires us to treasure the little things. I feel deeply pensive when walking around the water at night in Sydney, seeing the city lights against a backdrop of dark evenings. It is a visual reminder that light shines in the darkest night. It just does.

What will we do? Will everything succeed? Of course not. But remember the words Delta Goodrem chose before she even knew the reality of illness. “Sometimes you’ve gotta make sacrifices for the things you like. But I was born to try.” All you can do is try. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from continuously trying despite the odds. 

What have we learned from the pop world? Embrace those glorious moments on the edge of life, enjoying the gift of the present. Choose to see the happiness and beauty, choose to shine like a diamond in the darkest depths. Keep trying, because you were created to give everything a go.  

These words are not nearly enough for the complex reality of life. Words will not save anyone from being unwell or growing a project. But these words are with you. Words are there when you are wondering what comes next. Words sit by your side when you wait for fate. Fate can take away many things, but it cannot take away optimism. 


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