Elizabeth Gilbert the Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Gilbert is an inspirational entrepreneur. Liz fosters a personal relationship with her consumers and audience. She creates real value between books, with a store called Two Buttons. Elizabeth Gilbert knows how to capitalise on a public identity for the world's benefit.

Two Buttons is a clever online and physical store. The web site has a witty conversational style. Every word in the copy is pure Liz. The style is also quite humble. If the reader didn't know Liz is a famous author, with an autobiography which became a movie featuring Julia Roberts, one would think Liz is that peaceful flower girl next door who likes necklaces and incense. That's the impression from this down-to-earth web site.

Elizabeth Gilbert knows to relate on social media, particularly Facebook, in a real conversation. Many celebrities need other helpers to write social media posts for them. That is completely fine, because it saves time. But the Facebook page makes readers feel like they are delving into a personal journal diary by Liz. She speaks with us and interacts with discussions or comments. This is crucial. Consumers used to form relationships with brands by feeling emotionally and psychologically connected. But consumers now want to talk with the brands they love, interacting in conversations of active listening. Elizabeth Gilbert the social media friend is truly accessible. Liz knows how to connect with the world as an entrepreneur.

Liz teaches us important lessons as an entrepreneur. She may be primarily a writer. But she teaches us to be creative and down to earth, and engage in dialogue with consumers. Bravo, Liz.


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