I Don't Want Balance


I'm over this whole work-life balance argument. 

That's highly controversial these days. Let me explain.  

Activity is fun. I'm not happy unless my calendar is bursting at the seams. It's not about doing things for the sake of doing them. Involvement just feels more comfortable than isolation. 

My whole adult life, I have never wanted to simply sit and watch the TV. Shows were fine, as long as they were in the background when I created something on the computer. Maybe I have a short attention span. If I'm not doing 5 things at once, something is missing.  
Long travel times encourage me to do more. Train trips are the times when the Macbook has my full attention. There are no distractions; there is complete focus. My mind just always wants to keep active.  

My brain also doesn't like to do the one thing all day. It needs variety. I actually need to switch between projects or my mind wanders. Variety keeps my brain awake.  

These are a few reasons why I just always like to be out and about. There have been too many public debates for work-life balance. These arguments assume people, particularly women, would be happy if we were doing less. Perhaps some of us just enjoy doing more. Why should we feel we are missing out on something?  

Please don't worry about becoming busy. Celebrate it. It's enjoyable. The present is a gift. 


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