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There is really no need to spend more than $20 on glamorous fashion. Bargain stores abound on the internet. The best links are not only on Ebay, but linked on Facebook and Google. These styles don't have to be generic. The most glam looks are in places you would never expect.  

Rose Wholesale
This store is one of my favourites. Their dresses have flattering structures, and beautiful prints. This adorable A-line dress is covered in adorable teddy bears. The high neckline features, in their words, a "Peter Pan Collar."
Jolly Chic 

I haven't tried this store before, but their looks are amazing. 

Or you can dress up as a lady from Mad Men in these A-Line looks from Jolly Chic

Then the flower-power dress is something Judith Durham would have worn back in the day.  

Ally Fashion 
I went on a shopping spree at Ally Fashion during the last trip to QLD. Lucky they also sell online. Here's a favourite picture of me in my dress.  

These are my favourite online fashion stores. Perhaps you know other great web sites which keep their fashion at decent prices. Feel free to share these links with the world by writing a comment after this blog post. It's a duty to share quality fashion with other. Remember, sharing is caring. 


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