Successful Operation for Elizabeth Wilson

Successful Operation for Elizabeth Wilson  

Gary Wilson announced an update about Elizabeth Wilson.

Gary says:

10 days ago I put the word out about Elizabeth’s surgery to remove a cancer tumour from her spine. It turned out to be a very successful operation, with the surgeon using the latest scans to impress all his students.

The recovery through intensive care went fine and Elizabeth is into a general ward. The full extent of the cancer and the primary cause have not yet been determined, but she starts chemotherapy on Tuesday. Again she has teaching Professors looking after her. They do not expect a full cure, but hope to control the cancers to give her a future life.

It has been hard enough for the family to keep track of Elizabeth as she has been in 2 hospitals and 7 different rooms plus surgery over the last 14 days when the drama started. So I do apologise for those whose messages, cards and flowers never reached her.

We expect Elizabeth will again be on the move this week, probably to spend a month or so in Lady Davidson Rehab hospital at Turramurra to recover from the surgery and to get her body moving again.

Cards are best sent to our place and we request that people not send flowers. We would rather a donation was made to the Cancer Council if money can be spared. Elizabeth can now use her mobile phone and can take calls and SMS messages. The lady with the sexy voice (as a result of days on a respirator) is her if you ring or text 0407 007 945. Email is still a little challenging, but her iPad address is when she is up to that.

I am again sending this message out fairly widely. But I am happy for contacts to pass it on as I have become aware that she has literally hundreds of concerned friends and acquaintances amongst the Toastmasters and bridge playing communities because of her high leadership profile and service in both organisations over the years.

On behalf of Elizabeth, we do thank you for all the messages of support and the cards, many signed by large numbers of people, that we have received. It is a great support for her to know so many care and are wishing her a speedy recovery.


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