Richard Branson Living on the Edge

Richard Branson teaches us a new lesson every day. His motto is one everyone should live by. Branson famously titled a book, "Screw It, Let's Do It." He lives in the moment, trying almost anything. It seems the more people tell him something is impossible, the more he wants to accomplish it. When everyone else struggles to shake self-doubt, what is it that keeps Branson going? He says on his official site, "I also trust my own instinct and ability to do almost anything I set my mind to". It's about trusting yourself.   

Along those same lines, Branson also remembers another important motto. Richard Branson told Inc that there's no use crying over spilled milk. You can try something and it might fail. That is ok as long as you rebuild, sometimes literally. Either retry the same idea, or try something else.  

Richard Branson acknowledges things depend on luck. He spoke with Linkedin about the difference luck makes. Branson has been picked out of the ocean by helicopter 5 times. He believes extraordinary goals require constant dedicated work, but also searching out opportunities.  

It seems what he calls luck looks more like resourcefulness. Branson knows how to keep a safety net and social network available when he needs help. For example, Branson uses his book Losing My Virginity to explain how he survived in the hot air balloon. He brought with him an expert who knew the technicalities of flying a balloon. He made calls when he was in the wrong geographical area. You can't do everything yourself. We are only human. Greater opportunities are created by allowing others to help you.   

Richard Branson defines success in a perfect way. Although people need to make a living, life is about more than money. When talking to Linkedin, Branson defines success as, "creating something that makes a difference in people's lives."Cover your costs. But remember your core goal of providing something that fulfils a need. That is the true definition of marketing.

What else does Richard Branson say about marketing? He explained this to a conference, and the video was published on He believes the best advertising is a fun free publicity stunt. Richard Branson has dressed up as a bride (as seen in Business Week), and an air hostess (as reported by News Corp), and tried pretty much anything. His web site features a blimp here and reads, "BA can't get it up." Perhaps the trick is to be gutsy and forget about what anyone else thinks.

ITN kindly supply a short video on Youtube of Richard Branson's experience as an air hostess. He started by publicly having his legs shaved, sans trousers. The makeup and hair were styled to perfection. Now that's confidence.

Branson's philosophy in inspirational. Live on the edge. Try something new. 


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