Interesting Effects on Instagram

Instagram is such a beautiful user-friendly app. It's popular for a reason. If you ever wanted to create a black and white picture, or pretend a photo is old after a sepia effect, this is naturally where to make it happen.

The way to differentiate your Instagram account is by featuring unique subjects. The effects are pretty similar for everyone. But you can decide on what you take a picture or video of.

Let's get some inspiration from other Instagram profiles. There is a different lesson to learn from each.

1. Get philosophical on Instagram.

Who knows artistic fame better than someone who's already famous? Embrace peace and love with Yoko Ono's looks. I don't want to imagine a world without religion. But I love her craving for peace and happiness. Check out this picture of Yoko at the wall of notes to mothers, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

Here's a trailer from Showbiz International:

2. Be the "real you," whatever that is.

Lady Gaga is famous for hiding behind costumes and makeup. But she realises people want to know the 'real' her. Instagram is a great way to do that.

Ever wondered what Lady Gaga wears to the recording studio? Here's where to find out.

3. Consider posting a video on Instagram. 

Perhaps even a clip of you pretending to be a doll. That's what Lady Gaga did.

4. Find the beauty in everyday objects.

Melanie_Suzanne_Wilson is the Instagram profile for the creator of this blog. Everyday items make for fascinating patterns and effects. Here is the inside of a hat.

5. Pose for selfies with everyone.  

I love asking people for selfies. What I love even more is approaching people I admire, and asking them for career advice and a selfie. I stopped for a few selfies in 2013 at The Gruen Transfer. 

I loved stopping for a chat with Dee Madigan last year. She mentioned a popular short course that helps people to get a foot in the door of the advertising world. Dee is currently writing a book, The Hard Sell: The Ins and Outs of Political Advertising

This photo ticks all the boxes. It's framed. There's a filter. And there's photo bombing (Todd & Russell in the background). That's how to do a selfie on Instagram. 

That's how to use Instagram.

1. Get philosophical.
2. Be the "real you."
3. Post a video.  
4. Use everyday objects.  
5. Take selfies.  



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