Celebrate Autism on April 2nd

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 is a very special day. It is the World Autism Awareness Day, also known as Light It Up Blue. This is a day of celebration. 

Autism is a spectrum of ways in which the brain is wired. It causes people to not fully understand people. But it also allows for passionate creativity in particular focused interests. 

Autism manifests itself in subtle ways such as Asperger's, or more extreme ways. It adds a dimension to who people are. 

Some Autistics or Aspies need a bit of extra guidance. They need to learn how to adjust to the world. That's where organisations such as Autism Spectrum Australia and the international Autism Speaks are great blessings.   

The below video shows just how involved the world has been in the 2012 Autism Awareness Day. 

Share the love today. Celebrate this unique condition of the human mind. 


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