Completely Wired


Are we becoming entirely 'plugged in' these days? To be honest, I am struggling to apologise for this techie overload. It might be a different lifestyle to that of previous generations. But, like many products and brands, gadgets become extensions of ourselves.  

A simple travel on a train now consists of three gadgets for me. First: Make a few calls on the iPhone. Second: Play a quick Sudoku or check social media on iPad apps. Third: Edit documents on the Macbook for college & fun. All these activities are the most essential ways to spend a 40 minute train ride. 

Then I get home to strangely 'plugged in' entertainment. It wasn't so long ago that watching TV involved just switching on a TV. But now the TV logs onto iView. Then the recorder plays an old episode. An disc appears, and we have to decide if it's more suited to the DVD or the blue ray. Then something else is bought on iTunes, so we have to connect the iPad to the TV. Before all that began, the crucial decision was made as to which speakers to use.  

It is a whole different world of WI-FIs, blue-tooth-s and hot-spots. Our most crucial decisions are between 3G and 4G. Apparently, listening to 'the wireless' meant listening to a radio. And it wasn't streamed from the net. Now, the all the gadgets are connected into a network of electronic personal assistants. 

But the most surprising part is that I wouldn't change any of it. Where would I be without constant multi-tasking on the iPhone? How else would I jot down a note onto the iCloud? Naturally, it would go onto the iPad. How did I ever survive without the Macbook? It creates anything at all, with a few simple programs from an Adobe cloud. All this fits in a slightly oversized handbag. So they're the bag of Apples. 

As you can see, everything is in the clouds. My whole life is run by the iCloud and the Adobe Cloud. That would put me 'up in the air.' Or 'up in the clouds.' Call it what you want. Because life is fully managed now. Any hint of sarcasm, here, is more a slight attitude of acceptance. I wouldn't give up any of this dependence at all. 


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